GROing With YouTube

There are so many great and unique things happening right in our small section of Alberta when it comes to agriculture! Join us as we feature some of our local farmers and the different practices that they use to move forward on their farms and ranches!

You can also check us out on YouTube at: Gateway Research Organization

Not only is Bill Visscher one of the board members at GRO, but his family runs Smokin Elk Ranch in Morinville. Just off of Highway 2 they have a beautiful farm store and plenty of elk that can often be seen from the highway! Join us as we chat with the Visscher family about like on an elk ranch!

Join us as we chat with Tom Krawiec about a form of low stress animal handling that he has coined ‘The Wave’!

Join us as we chat with the Pasay family at Bentgrove Farm. In this video they give us a great idea of what succession has looked like for them!

Join us as we do a virtual farm tour of Big Coulee Farms in Athabasca. Rusty and Agnes Bellamy direct market grass fed and pasture raised pork, poultry and beef into nearby St. Albert. With good management practices they focus on creating a healthy habitat for soil life using animal agriculture.

Join us as we chat with Steve Kenyon about his experience with swath and bale grazing on crop land this past winter!

Crop Plots Update with Sandeep Nain!