Government Funding

The primary source of funding within Alberta comes from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program. The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year, $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial investment in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector that began in April 2018, and is the successor of the 2013-18 Growing Forward 2 partnership.

In Alberta, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership represents a federal – provincial investment of $406 million in programs and initiatives for the agricultural sector. In consultation with stakeholders, programs were developed under five themes: Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change; Products, Market Growth and Diversification; Science and Research; Risk Management; and Public Trust.

The majority of funding for agricultural producers falls under the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Producer program, however there are also some great funding options under the Farm Water Supply program, the Irrigation Efficiency program and the Efficient Grain Dryer programs as well.

All of the available funding programs under CAP can be found at with producer specific programs being found at

For more information on CAP you can contact 310-FARM, or connect with one of the two outreach officers in the province. For Northern Alberta you can reach Amber Kenyon with Gateway Research Organization at (780)307-7849 or For those in Southern Alberta, Vern Steinborn with SouthGrow is available to answer your questions at (403)894-0050 or