Our Team

Sandeep Nain- General Manager
Tel: (780) 349-4546
Cell: (780)249-1440

Sandeep Nain has a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry from India. After achieving his bachelors, he moved to Alberta and finished his masters degree in Animal Science and Food Science and Technology from the University of Alberta. A large part of his research was to explore an optimum feeding regime using alternate n-3 PUFA sources for the enrichment of broiler meat and table eggs. Sandeep has numerous publications and has presented at international meetings and conferences. Sandeep believes that research is at the crux of development and is the gateway to the imagination, allowing us to understand the past, to grasp the present and to reach for the future. Sandeep enjoys traveling all around the world.

Rick Tarasuik – Field Supervisor
Cell: (780) 307-7581
Tel: (780) 349-4546

Rick grew up on a mixed farm in the Lloydminster area. He left the farm in 1989 to pursue a career in golf course maintenance. After obtaining a Turfgrass Management Diploma from Fairview College he accepted the superintendent’s job at the Barrhead Golf Course holding that position for over 20 years. Rick and his wife Terrie have two girls now past school age and mostly independent. Rick enjoys boating and golf in the summer, skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.
Jay Byer – Soil Conservation Analyst
Tel: (780)349-4546

Jay Byer grew up on a mixed farm outside of Busby, Alberta.  After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in agriculture at the University of Alberta, he has been employed in a wide variety of public and private sectors of agriculture.  Jay spent a year as the Associate Provincial Oilseed Specialist for Alberta and managed a large project dealing with late fall seeding of canola.  He has conducted some advanced studies in integrated pest management of crops.  When Jay is not at GRO, he is involved in travel, horticulture, volunteerism, cottage life and motorcycles.  He is looking forward to investigating alternatives to annual crop production on marginal land throughout the GRO area as part of a Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.

Amber Kenyon – Outreach Officer
Cell: (780) 887-3251
Tel: (780) 349-4546

Amber runs a custom grazing operation with her husband Steve just outside of Busby, AB where they spend their summers rotationally grazing cattle, pigs and chickens. In the winter she has been a speaker at different conferences and schools.  Amber has a passion for sustainability, videography and enjoys camping and hiking throughout the summer.

Kabal Singh – Crop Technician
Tel: (780)349-4546

Kabal Singh grew up on a mixed farm operation in Northern India. He has a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture and also holds a Diploma in Agribusiness majoring in Crops from Lakeland College. In 2019, he was nominated for “President Circle” at Lakeland College for his outstanding leadership abilities. Kabal has experience working on research trials, soil testing, crop production cycle, and innovative approach in agriculture (hydroponic). He likes to read literature and listen to music in his spare time.