Trials / Projects

2018 Projects

This year we have over 100 varieties of cereals, all in one location. Everything from peas, fababeans and soybeans to winter wheat, wheat, canola and oats. All with the intention of finding out which varieties grow best in our region.

Join us for our crop tour on August 2, 2018!




Regional Silage Trials (RST)
These trials compare silage species varieties. Typically barley, triticale, oats and pulse blends are tested. Other species are tested based on producer interest.

Join us for our forage tour on July 12, 2018!





Sainfoin High Legume Pasture Trial
This trial is a two year field trial to demonstrate the potential of sainfoin in a high-legume pasture mix on field scale level in regards to establishment, productivity, forage quality, response to grazing pressure, and bloat mitigation. The plots are a mixture of sainfoin & alfalfa with 60% and a grass mix of 40% of pasture.

Join us for our forage tour on July 12, 2018!



GRO Heifer Pasture
The heifer pasture is stocked annually with member contributor heifers and young bulls. Bulls are 1 to 2 years in age. The heifers are rotationally grazed in a 16 paddock pasture. Weight is collected at entry and exit. In addition heifers are preg checked at exit. Currently we are running a trial on different rotational grazing cell designs, as well as the differences in fencing products.




AB Wheat

Alberta Wheat Commission Fertility Trial

This trial is optimizing nitrogen application rate for Wheat-Canola/Pea-Wheat rotation using urea and polymer coated urea. Variation of agronomic management practices such as fertilizer application rates has a significant influence on grain yield and grain quality in term of wheat protein percentage. In this trial, amount and type of fertilizer is changed, and the effects on yield and protein are measured.



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Prairie Oat Growers Association Milling Oat Variety Trial

This study is a continuous effort to collect data on 11 milling variety oats and 4 feed oat varieties in Central and Northern Alberta. The goal was to determine how variety and growing location will influence the yield and functional property attributes linked to beta-glucan levels of the oats.


Results of these trials and other activities conducted by GRO can be obtained by becoming a member